The Wound and the Bow

by Geryon

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Tolujin This has gotten some pretty negative press from reviewers who've found it impossible to avoid comparisons with McMaster & Weinsten's other work and/or other two-piece metal acts. It probably hasn't helped that Geryon's eponymous debut was a more straightforward "death metal without guitars" experiment. The Wound and the Bow is more meditative and impressionistic. It will pass you by unless you give it full attention, but do that and there's a universe of tone, texture and rhythmic play here. Favorite track: Lys.
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released April 8, 2016

Produced by Colin Marston at Menegroth

Lyrics by Antonia McMaster

Interlude credits:
Silent Command / Dawn by Colin and Eliane Gazzard.
Lys / Skein by Chris Latina.
Skein / Legion by Jim Mroz.
Legion / The Wound and the Bow by Colin Marston.
The Wound and the Bow / Dioscuri by Nick Podgurski.


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Geryon New York, New York

Nicholas McMaster - Bass, Vocals
Lev Weinstein - Drums

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Track Name: Silent Command
Somewhere we come to a deafening.

We drink what we are given. I want
The agency of death
The delirium of sacrifice, to feast

Only on what is mine, only
On what is sacred within me.
Track Name: Dawn
Quarter man, run -
A beginning is no breast beat.
It is a splitting, a death
In the proscenium. A holding
In, head down -
Sinking prayer in a vast field.
Track Name: Legion
First came doubt—a mare born
Broken, limp the gate of the father,
Rib and skin rose and fell deep in earth
Within one year.

My birth was slow, little mourning
And labor wasted. You see me now,
Tar and stick of a fight, limbs bend
And breath heaves, I am a legion
Track Name: Dioscuri
Heavenly twins clasp hands within you.
Severed man, how you gorge yourselves, split
the spoils but take all. 

Ripe and rotten, always
in the blackest river of mind

Which man will you be when you die?
The one who watches her grind
her teeth

Or will you die doe-eyed, offering
Flesh, docile before
the knife comes down.

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